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How to use car cistern cleaner
- Dec 21, 2018 -

After the engine is shut down, add this product and start the engine idling for 10-15 minutes. Close the engine, discharge the sewage in the water tank, and then clean the water tank with clean water, generally one bottle for the car, two bottles for the big car.

A new fluid

The new tank water is added by the tank (radiator) pipe, which is the way to make the antifreeze quickly into the tank. Then add another bucket of water tank into the antifreeze tank, add to the antifreeze tank nearly full, hit the car about 10 minutes, then the cooling system due to the exclusion of part of the air, liquid level has dropped, and then add antifreeze, add the highest mark of the liquid storage tank.


Before the end of the replacement of antifreeze fluid, to do a comprehensive inspection, see all the traces of the wrong leakage pipeline, whether there are cracks, the key is to check the wutong pipe, wutong pipe because there are five joint parts of the interface and named, water tank is flowing through the wutong pipe, is assigned to the different parts of the car play a role. If there is any leakage of water from the tank in this part, the water pipe should be replaced or the interface should be refixed according to the situation.


Drain the old tank and clean the liquid channel with clean water. Add fresh water to the tank to replenish the tank, then fill the tank with fresh water to keep the water flowing through the engine cooling system, and then idle the car for 3 to 5 minutes to circulate the water. The water that begins to flow out of the pitcher is a little pink, and you continue to fill it with clean water until it is clean. Pay attention to do not forget to remove the warm air pipe, put the water in the warm air tank clean.