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How to use car fire extinguisher correctly and its importance
- Jul 29, 2018 -

The fire extinguisher is used as a standing rescue equipment. Every owner will have it, because it has to be checked when the vehicle is inspected. However, in fact, many people have turned a blind eye to this thing except the day of the inspection. They are even thrown away, and even take the fire extinguisher directly. It is very dangerous to go home to store. Remind the owner that although the car fire extinguisher has a limited capacity, even if it cannot completely extinguish the fire, at least it can help you delay the fire of the vehicle and win a certain time for the rescue.

Today's fire extinguishers generally use dry powder fire extinguishing agent, and the high-pressure nitrogen gas in the tank drives the fire extinguishing agent to spray out, thereby achieving the fire extinguishing effect. It should be noted that the fire extinguisher also has a shelf life. This shelf life is generally not due to the deterioration of the fire extinguishing agent. Instead, the internal high pressure nitrogen of the fire extinguisher will gradually depressurize over time, so each fire extinguisher will be equipped with a barometer and red. The green and yellow colors and the text indicate the pressure state inside the fire extinguisher. Generally, the red area indicates that the internal pressure is too low and needs to be refilled. The green color is normal and the yellow color indicates overfilling. Usually pay attention to check the barometer of the fire extinguisher, and always keep the pointer in the green area. But don't worry if your fire extinguisher pressure gauge shows red. Just go to the 4S shop or the processing point designated by the fire department to refill it. Any fire extinguisher failure to buy a new one is pure flickering. Do not listen to the letter.

Introduce the use of the vehicle fire extinguisher. Before using the fire extinguisher, you need to quickly shake the tank upside down to mix the fire extinguishing agent with the internal high pressure gas to spray evenly. When using, first pull out the safety pin in the middle of the handle, then press the pressure handle and spray it against the root of the flame. The tank should be kept upright when in use and should not be used flat or inverted.

In addition, it should be noted that the insurance company does not compensate for the loss of electrical appliances, circuits, fuel supply systems, and gas supply systems due to spontaneous combustion. At the same time, the losses caused by the cargo carried in the vehicle are also within the scope of the exemption. That is to say, a small range of spontaneous combustion, only caused a small area or circuit oil circuit damage, cannot be compensated; if you put valuables in the car, such as notebooks, SLR cameras, cash, etc., was burned when spontaneous combustion occurred, this Part of the loss is also unable to get compensation.