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How to use car perfume correctly?
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Car perfumes are slightly different from perfumes used by humans. Car perfumes have the function of removing odors. If they are used incorrectly, they can produce substances that are harmful to the human body. So, how to use car perfume correctly? Let's take a look.   


Car perfume has two major functions: First, in addition to odor; Second, to retain fragrance, both must be considered, cannot be biased! Taking into account the need to remove the odor, that is, leather, plastic, gasoline and other bad taste, it is recommended to use The perfume has a little spicy or aldehyde-containing ingredients to facilitate the removal of odor; the scent is based on the sweetness (fresh), fresh, and secluded. The special fragrance is selected, and the focus is on the selection of incense and the specter of weather. It is erratic and unpredictable. Inspires the fragrance of people's imagination. 


 How to use car perfume:

 First of all, to check the shelf life of the product, if the perfume expires, its flavor and stability will change, so expired perfume should not be used.

 Secondly, try not to place perfumes in places that are prone to sunlight exposure. Some bottles of poor-quality glass bottles are susceptible to breakage after exposure to sunlight, causing car interiors to be contaminated and cleaning up is very troublesome.

Finally, in terms of placement, many people like to use bottled perfume and paste it on the center console of the car. Although it plays a certain decorative role, the adhesive will remain on the center console for a long time and it will erode the panel. And not clean up.


 In addition, the position of the bottle body is particularly important, first of all, it is not possible to block the driver's line of sight, and secondly it cannot be placed above the airbag logo. There are still some wooden perfume pendants on the market. The hanging thread of the perfume pendant should not be too long. Otherwise, the shaking during the driving will affect the driver's driving. It is recommended that car owners use bamboo charcoal packs, grapefruit peels, etc. instead of perfumes, which are both environmentally friendly and have no safety hazards.