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how to use car perfume in right way?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

car perfume and body perfume have a bit differences, car fresheners has deodorization function, if use a method incorrectly, can produce the substance that has harm to human body. So, how to use perfume correctly?
Car perfume has two main functions: one is to eliminate peculiar smell; The other is to leave incense. Considering to eliminate peculiar smell, such as, leather flavor, plastic flavor, gasoline flavor and other bad taste, the perfume that the proposal USES has a bit of spice composition or contain aldolin composition, convenient eliminate mixed smell; And fragrance with sweet, fresh, faint to choose good fragrance, pay special attention to choose sweet weather ghost like, drifting and uncertain, think not thoroughly, arouse the faint fragrance of people's imagination.
How to use car perfume?
First, check the life of the product. If the perfume is expired, its fragrance and stability will change, so do not use expired perfume.
Second, try not to put the perfume on vulnerable to sun exposure, some inferior glass bottle perfume after exposure, the bottles are prone to rupture, led to the pollution.
Finally many  like to use car perfume bottles, put on center console and paste it in the car, although play a decorative role, but left stickers for a long time in the center console, corrosion panel, and not clear.
In addition, the placement of the hanging car perfume is particularly important. First of all, it cannot block the driver's vision, and second, it cannot be placed above the logo of the airbag. At present there are still a few ligneous perfume pendants on the market, the line of perfume pendant should not be too long, otherwise the shaking in the course of driving will affect the driver's driving.

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