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How to use car perfume in winter
- Dec 10, 2018 -

The weather is getting colder, and many car owners have begun to open air conditioners to enjoy the warmth. At this time, it is especially important to keep the air inside the car fresh. Usually, many car owners are willing to put car perfume in the car, not only can eliminate the odor, but also the personality of the car perfume bottle can also dress up the car, can be described as two birds with one stone. There are hundreds of car perfumes on the market today. A car dealer said that consumers should choose car perfumes with natural ingredients when choosing car perfumes. The shape of the perfume bottles should match the style of the car. In the spring and summer, the car perfume used in the car should not be too strong. You should use a car perfume with a light taste. Long-term drivers need to consider the refreshing scent, and the mint-flavored scent can eliminate fatigue and drowsiness during driving. Car owners can choose car perfumes according to their gender, preferences, personality and the purpose of using car perfume.

Choosing a car perfume needs to avoid secondary pollution. If you encounter a car perfume that is not made of natural materials, long-term use will increase the pollution inside the car.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of car perfumes, and the shapes and shapes are different. How can I choose a car perfume that suits me? This is not only to understand the temperament of the car, but also to look at the shape of the car perfume bottle, the most important thing is to suit your personality.

If the owner is sitting in the office for a long time, and the work is relatively boring, it is best to choose some lemon fruit flavor and marine fragrance that can relax the nerves. For the stylish owner, it is advisable to choose some classic fragrances such as "opium" and "poison" in the car to highlight the personality.

If the owner of the car usually has too much work pressure and fast pace of life, he can choose some fragrances that can calm the effect, such as the sweet and scented car perfume.

If the owner likes to smoke in the car, then the fresh green tea scent and the sweet lavender scent can be chosen because they can effectively remove the irritating odor in the tobacco.

Try not to choose a lavender-scented car perfume because it tastes too sweet and can easily cause sleepiness. The general owner can choose some natural essential oils to be placed in the car, because the fragrance of the essential oil will not be very pungent, and it is easy to volatilize, and it can also be refreshing and refreshing.