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- Nov 15, 2018 -

The special cleaning tools are needed to clean the three-way catalytic converter with the three-way catalyst.

Similar to hospital infusion, therefore, three - way catalytic converter cleaning commonly known as "hit bottle." The cleaning liquid is sucked into the engine through the inlet vacuum tube through the tool, and reaches the three-way catalytic converter through the combustion chamber and exhaust pipe. Under certain temperature, chemical reaction occurs with the mulch indicated by the three-way catalytic converter to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The cleaning steps are as follows:

1 start the engine and extinguish the engine when the water temperature is normal;

2. Pour the product into the special equipment and connect the output connector of the equipment with the vacuum tube;

3. Start the engine, control the speed at about 2000 RPM, open the flow control valve, and slowly drip the product into the inlet. The cleaning time is about 30-40 minutes;

4. Keep the engine speed for 3-5 minutes after cleaning to discharge the residual liquid;