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How to use chrome spray paint
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Chrome spray paint - wheel color changing process

  Simple operation, fun, subversive traditional color change construction, high cost, difficult to clean and other shortcomings, self-spraying cans, color free to do whatever you want; even those who have no construction experience can easily get started, fun!

first step

  Clean the tires, the wheels, and dry the water traces of the wheels; the rust marks need to be smooth and smooth with sandpaper.

Second step

  After the hub is dry, insert the paper card into the gap between the tire and the hub, and insert the garbage bag newspaper into the hub to prevent it from being sprayed into the brake system.

third step

  After preparing for work, remember to shake the bottle first! It is recommended to test it with other things first and see the effect.

the fourth step

  Start spraying the first layer, and it should be continuous and even, the distance is 15-20 cm, and it is dried after 15 minutes.

the fifth step

  Spray the second layer after drying, and continue to dry after spraying; according to the above steps 4-5, the number of sprayed layers can be increased according to the actual situation.

Step 6

  After spraying, check where the spray is uneven, and make up the spray until the best result.

How long after the spray is finished?

  The entire operation process is more than 5 layers. After 4 hours of operation, you can go on the road, try not to drive fast! After spraying for 24 hours, the spray film is dry and can be washed. It is recommended that each layer of spray film spray evenly, drying several layers, the effect will be better!

How to maintain after spraying?

  Normal use Car wash powder or car wash liquid; do not use a hard brush! Do not use organic solutions (such as gasoline, thinner, tar, banana water, etc.) when cleaning the hub.

How long will it last?

  Normal driving, no serious scratching, then at least 2 years; if there is a small scratch, you can use the spare spray film to make up.

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