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How to use different types of car perfume
- Oct 28, 2018 -

Different types of perfumes are used differently

Car perfume installation should be installed according to the parts: instrument panel, air conditioning port installation and rearview mirror hanging installation, and car perfume is generally installed, open the car perfume seal can be used.

1. Instrument panel: If it is installed on the instrument panel, just peel off the double-sided adhesive on the bottom of the perfume and stick it on the instrument panel. 2, air conditioning port: air conditioning port installation, only need to clamp the blade of the blade, and then fixed on the fan blade.

3, hanging: hanging car perfume, tied with a rope on the rearview mirror.


Precautions for car perfume installation:

1. Many people use anti-slip mats to fix the perfume, but when it is suddenly braked, the perfume is easy to fly out, which is very unsafe for the driver.

2. When buying a car perfume, it is recommended that the perfume taste is not too strong, and you should choose a high-quality car perfume. Inferior perfume may cause cancer.

3. If you want the fragrance to spread faster, it is recommended that you choose the instrument panel installation or air conditioning port installation, the hanging perfume diffusion speed is slow.