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How to use hanging car perfume?
- Jun 06, 2018 -

How to use hanging car perfume?

Automotive interior products, owners are generally prefer hanging perfumes.For the owner, the hanging car perfume not only can decorate the car interior environment, but also remove the peculiar smell and keep the car air pure and fresh.Car perfume pendant in the use of special attention should be paid, what is its usage?

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Hanging car perfume bottle upside down is the correct way of using hanging car perfume,We usually turn the bottle upside down and wait until the perfume reaches into the wooden cover or the string.If you want the fragrance to be stronger,just a little bit more upside down,and then the scent of the perfume will come through the wooden cover or hanging ropes.after a period of time the color fades and there will be a peculiar smell,that is attached to the wooden cover surface or hanging cord perfume and dry, and we will need to repour the perfume bottle.Generally, about 5 ml of hanging car perfume can send out fragrance continuously even more than 2 or 3 months,which is in order to ensure the use time of car perfume and decorate indoor environment.

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A good car perfume can make people happy, bad car perfume is very easy to do damage to the human health.So when car owner choosing,should be careful to distinguish good car perfume,buy the product from regular manufacturers.

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