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Multi-purpose Foam cleaner
- Jun 10, 2018 -

Multi-purpose Foam cleaner can strongly decontaminate, has strong deep cleaning performance, contains high-tech antibacterial agents, can form a durable antibacterial protective layer on the surface of the item;

Safe and phosphorus-free formula, good biodegradability, will not pollute the environment, and benefit everyone.

Foam cells, fragrant smells, making work happier;

Neutral mild formula, does not hurt the skin;

Use a wide range.

Application scope:

Household items such as furniture, home appliance shells, glass handicrafts, carpets, ceramic tiles, etc. made of various wood, leather, plastics, fibers, glass, ceramics, and stainless steel; seats, dashboards, tires, bumpers on automobiles , Inner Wall, Ceiling; Various Washable Office Supplies.


Generally canned atomized products, 650ML.


1. Shake well and spray the foam evenly on the surface of the article about 20 centimeters from the object to be cleaned.

2, 30-50 seconds later:

Hard articles such as glass and metal products should be wiped clean with a soft cloth before the foam is dry.

Soft objects such as leather, fabric sofas, etc. If there is a dirty stain, gently brush with a soft brush and then wipe clean;

Carpet application vacuum cleaners dry before the foam is dry. If there is a dirty stain, gently brush with a soft brush and blot dry.

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