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No need to ruin the driving pleasure with poor quality car perfume
- May 28, 2018 -

No need to ruin the driving pleasure with poor quality car perfume

With the increase of consumption level, people's pursuit of high quality of life is also reflected in the use of automobiles. Therefore, car perfume has gradually been recognized by consumers and eventually become a necessary part of vehicle owners. However, due to the fact that the market is not yet standardized, some low-quality car perfumes are still shoddy and even harm the health of consumers. Therefore, in the purchase and use of car perfume, owners should be careful.

For the selection of car perfume, we must first start with the package. The perfumes produced by regular companies are clearly identified and the appearance of perfumes is refined. At the same time, the product must have a Chinese description of the product name, company name, company address and contact information, and notes. After opening the perfume, the high-quality car perfume smells pure and pleasant, while the low-quality car perfume smells pungent. After the sun exposure, the liquid leaks easily, and the color gradually turns white.

In addition, special attention must be paid to the use of car perfume. In the winter, it is best not to choose lavender scent perfume, this taste is too sweet, it is easy to cause people to affect the driving safety. In the summer, it is best to use a neutral, light-scented perfume, because in the summer the strong perfume smells in the cabin and mixes with the musty smell to create a more unpleasant taste.

The position of the car perfume is also laid out. If you prefer to place the bottle above the instrument panel, it is best not to choose a metal bottle that is too strong. It will reflect sunlight and affect driving, and it should not be placed around the airbag. Put the car perfume, in the event of an accident, the perfume bottle will be high-speed pop, a great harm.

The new car can be deodorized by placing some special carbon in the car, or placing the grapefruit skin, etc., to allow it to slowly absorb. This will be more environmentally friendly and will not create new pollution. At the same time, it is best to open more windows to keep the air flowing.

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