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Precautions in the Use of Automotive Wipers
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Vehicles such as hatchback, SUV and MPV that do not have a prominent tailbox design will be equipped with rear windscreen wiper, because these vehicles are affected by the turbulence at the rear of the vehicle and the rear windscreen will be easily soiled by the rolled-up sewage or silt.
Therefore, the hatchback, SUV, MPV and other vehicles all need to be equipped with rear windscreen wiper to keep the rear windscreen clean at any time to ensure a clear view at the front and rear.
The switch of the rear wiper is also set on the wiper lever, which is two independent systems with the front wiper mechanism and can be controlled independently. There are two types of rear wiper switches, one is toggle type and the other is knob type. Compared with the front wiper, the function of the rear wiper is much simpler, with only a single swing frequency and water spraying function. When the wiper swings, its influence on the driver's sight is inevitable. For beginners, how to reduce the interference of wipers to their driving sight is a driving skill they must learn. In addition, novices should not operate wipers as often as possible when driving on congested roads with stop - and - go, so as to avoid vehicle collision caused by distraction during operation.
When we operate the water spraying function of the wiper, if no wiper water is sprayed out, we should check whether the water spraying port is blocked first, and then check whether the water stock of the wiper is sufficient. One more thing that needs attention is not to let the wiper dry and scrape the glass ( i.e. let the wiper swing when the glass is dry ) - if the wiper strip ages and hardens, or if there is a lot of silt and foreign matter attached to the windshield, the wiper will easily scratch the glass and cause irreparable damage.