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Precautions when using car perfume
- Jun 17, 2018 -

Precautions when using car perfume
Most car owners are no stranger to car perfume. The car interior with car perfume can bring good results. Especially after the middle-grade and high-grade cars are matched with car perfume, they are not only high-grade atmosphere, but also very comfortable. So how does car perfume actually work and what is the structure of car perfume?
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1)The main function of car perfume is to eliminate the peculiar smell in the car and make the air in the car fresher. The good car perfume fragrance is divided into three levels: front tone, middle tone and back tone. The front tone refers to the first scent that we smell when opening the perfume bottle. it is the most volatile ingredient in perfume and gives the initial overall impression. The second is the middle tone. the middle tone is the most important part. it appears with the front tone and emits the main fragrance of perfume. sometimes it is also called the theme tone. The last is the back tone, which is the slowest in the perfume channel and lasts the longest. it is the summary part of the whole perfume. Every level of perfume will have different effects, and one should taste it with one's heart.
Car perfume gives off fragrance and spreads molecules with fragrance inside the car, which can keep the air inside the car clean, remove peculiar smell inside the car, kill bacteria and purify the air, thus being beneficial to the driving safety of drivers. At the same time, it can also create a pleasant atmosphere in the narrow space in the car to keep the drivers sober and calm, thus effectively reducing the incidence of traffic accidents and increasing the interest in the car.
2)Many car perfume models on the market have very special features and personalities. they can be used as good interior decoration objects and can bring different driving and riding experiences to drivers with their unique functions matched with different scents. For example, apple - scented perfume is rich in vitamins and stimulates appetite. it has special effects on the treatment of chronic stomach diseases. The green tea fragrance has the functions of refreshing the mind, restoring vitality, improving depression and enhancing lust. On the other hand, the cologne side has the functions of dispelling wind and eliminating dampness, strengthening muscles and bones, helping to keep a cheerful mood and improving the efficiency of concentration. Lily - scented perfume can regulate relaxing mood, relieve stress and depression, regulate nervous tension, and balance the mood of body and mind. It is of great help to the drivers who have been sitting in the carriages for a long time to refresh themselves. You can choose a fashion car perfume that suits you so that you can maintain a relaxed and happy state of mind while driving.

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