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Prevent secondary pollution of automobile perfume
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Cheap perfume, mostly using chemical spices, industrial alcohol solution, containing aromatic benzene compounds later on respiratory stimulation, make the car appear the symptom such as cough, dizziness, vomiting, is harmful to the body health, and affect driving safety. And some inferior in order to make more lasting fragrance, perfume can add phosphorus phthalate esters, this substance will cause the sperm activity become low, and even death, at present, the European Union has banned using this material in the cosmetics such as perfume.

How to choose perfume of car?

Look at color: car perfume had better choose colorless transparent, colour presents unnatural bright-coloured likely is added pigment.

Smell flavor: choose the perfume that smells fresher, for example fruity and floral, avoid taste too strong, do not use the lavender that conduces to morpheus again, everybody knows. Drop a few drops of perfume to odorless paper, slight smell is not unusual, again strong smell, still do not have afflictive reaction to show can use commonly.

Experimental method: drop a few drops on the white paper, after a period of volatilization, the paper did not leave a mark on the better purity. Or take a few drops of perfume to drop 5 milliliters of clear water, perfume of high purity can differentiate naturally, pure low or inferior perfume drops into water hind appear turbidity form, stratification phenomenon is not apparent.