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Quick selection of car perfume must start from these aspects
- Jun 12, 2018 -

In the face of all kinds of car perfumes, it seems that it is impossible to start. In fact, this is not difficult, any product selection will have its own unique way, as long as you understand, to ensure that you can quickly pick the right product.

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1, appearance

After selecting the right type, for the appearance of the car perfume, remember to put traffic safety first. Do not choose the bottle body angular too obvious, convex lens design, and pay attention to the style of the car perfume should be unified with the car interior style, otherwise it will look suddenly, destroy the taste.

2, flavor

The smell of car air freshener in the car is best not to be too strong, long-term driving people can consider refreshing scent. It is recommended that car owners select car perfumes according to their gender, preferences, personality and purpose of using car air freshener. The taste of the fragrance in the car in the summer should not be too intense, and lighter smells should be selected.

3, regular products

High-quality car fragrance lasting and can kill bacteria, workmanship is also more beautiful. Poor car perfume can cause secondary pollution and pose a threat to the health of the people in the car. It is recommended to choose a regular product description, a production license number, and related department certification. At the same time, we must pay attention to the raw materials of perfumes. It is best to select products that use natural ingredients. Chemical synthetic products are harmful to human health.

4, price awareness

Especially for automotive essential oil products, if you claim to be pure essential oils, then you have to keep an eye for more, because the price of pure essential oils is very high, and generally speaking, the prices are too low, and the salesman said that the hype should be vigilant.

5, authenticity

a. See if the packaging is clearly printed, if there is a clear company name, address, telephone number, expiration date, bar code, product description, production license number, and the mark of the quality supervision department certification. If it is all in foreign language, please keep your eyes on it.

b. The appearance of regular car perfumes is exquisite, and the appearance of inferior perfumes is relatively rough. The high-quality perfume bottles have smooth and smooth movements, while the inferior ones have a more astringent feel.

c. Pure, high-quality car fragrance does not contain methanol and ethanol alcohol, the concentration changes little, can bring people a fresh, pleasant feeling. Poor perfume products, fast evaporation, pungent aroma.

d. Inferior car perfumes are prone to liquid leakage after sun exposure, and the color will gradually turn white. Pure perfume will not appear this phenomenon.