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Recognize the shortcomings of inferior car perfume
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Many people think that the perfume used in the car can be used casually. Anyway, it is not directly used on the body, so don't be too particular, but you don't know, when your car uses a very inferior perfume, many Hazards will arise, and it is not scary to believe you.

1. Directly affect your driving safety

If it is a cheaper and inferior car perfume, then in its material, it is mostly cheap spices to mix some alcohol-like things, these things will make people feel dizzy after a while, and, taste Very exciting, it is easy for you to unconsciously have a headache. As you can imagine, when you drive, you are stimulated by such a long time. Then, when you drive, the safety and insecurity are very easy, and it is easy to feel tired and uncomfortable.

2. Directly affects the driver's physical health

If you drive for a long time, maybe you can adapt to this taste slowly, and you won't feel uncomfortable. However, your body is always hurt by these tastes, and you may make your sense of smell slowly worse. In addition, you may even have a severe headache, or you may feel sick and uncomfortable when you smell something.

3. Choosing a car perfume also requires you to be very particular about it.

Car perfume because you will be in contact for a long time, so you must buy the brand must be, and the taste you want to smell more comfortable is not uncomfortable, in addition, you should also be optimistic about the various ingredients, if there is spice or Chemical alcohol-like things, it is recommended that you do not buy directly. In addition, if you feel uncomfortable when using it, you should just throw it away, don't use it because you are afraid of waste. Car perfume can not save money, buy one casually, the fragrance not only gives you a sense of smell, but it also affects your health, so you still have to be more careful.