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Spray paint
- Sep 16, 2018 -

Car painting refers to the effect of protecting the car by applying a layer of paint on the surface of the car. Automotive paints are generally baked. In the automobile factory, the frame and the car shell are welded, and the next process is painting. The form is ordinary paint, metal paint, pearl paint. Automotive painting process: putty, polishing, painting, etc.

Automotive paints include: ordinary paint; metallic paint; pearlescent paint; varnish; matt paint.  How long does it take for the car to dry after painting?


How to maintain it at the beginning? It can be dried within 2 days from 25° to 35°.

1. Before using the vehicle, remove the dust on the car body in time to reduce the adsorption of dust by the body static electricity.

2rinse the car in time after the rain. Because the concentration of acidic substances in the rain stains on the body after the rain is greatly increased, it is easy to damage the automobile paint if it is not cleaned at this time.

3, when washing the car, be sure to wash the engine after cooling; avoid washing the car in the hot sun, because the dried detergent is easy to leave traces on the paint; you need to use special neutral water when washing your car, do not use alkali Excessive soapy water, etc., so as not to wash off the grease in the paint; when washing the car at the car wash, do not let the car washer use dewaxing detergent, otherwise the paint will be hurt; in coastal or polluted areas, you should stick to the daily Rinse your car once.

4. Use a clean, soft sponge when cleaning the car, and make sure not to mix metal chips and sand inside. Do not use dry cloth or dry towel to clean the car to prevent scratches. When wiping, be careful to gently rub it from top to bottom in the direction of water flow, do not draw a circle or wipe horizontally. 5. If the car surface is dripped with asphalt, bird droppings, etc., it must be removed in time, because these dirt are extremely corrosive.