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Test method for car perfume
- Aug 19, 2018 -

First try the test paper

1. Place a 10 cc sample in the test tube or in the bottle of the product.

2. Smell the paper into the test tube at a depth of 2.5 吋.

  3. Remove immediately and shake it a few times in the air.

  4. Exhale, smell the paper about 1 离 from the nose, and breathe the smell.

5. After a minute, smell the second time. (Method is the same as 4.)

6. Smell twice a second (method the same as 4.- 5.) and identify its taste.

7. Continue this way until the taste is constant or tasteless.

Second, a simple test

If we don't test the paper when we test it, then we can use the air to test it, but remember not to put the nose in the bottle to smell, we can spray the car perfume in the air, after the alcohol in the air fades The smell of perfume is left, then what we smell at this time is the taste of the real car perfume. When we use it, we will not say that it is directly to the bottle, the smell in the air. It is the smell of car perfume that we smell when we use it.