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The car has a bone wiper and a boneless wiper, which is better?
- Oct 20, 2018 -

When buying car wipers, we should not only determine the type of wiper buckle, but also determine the type of wiper, whether it is a boneless wiper or a boneless wiper. Judging from the effect of both and the current market, boneless wipers are more and more recognized by the majority of car owners. If the glass surface is larger ( longer than 24 inches of wiper ) or the mirror surface is smaller ( flatter ), boneless wiper blade corresponding to the pressure of wiper arm is suitable. The glass surface is small ( the length of wiper is less than 24 inches ) and it is suitable to use a bone wiper blade. However, the improvement of manufacturing process and the increase of material cost. The price of boneless wipers is generally higher than that of boneless wipers, but I think it is still necessary to assemble boneless wipers, which are better than boneless wipers in terms of replacement and maintenance and are more elegant and beautiful. Finally, when choosing the wiper brand, it is also necessary to do some work. It is recommended to buy a big brand, although the price is slightly higher and the quality is stable, so the trouble of replacing the wiper frequently is avoided. In addition to avoiding buying fake goods, it is recommended to go to a professional store or an online e-commerce certification store to buy them.