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The car perfume that is essential for new cars enjoys a high quality of life while driving.
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The new car, the second-hand smoke in the car, the odor emitted by the air conditioner, etc., in the small car space, the air is not easy to circulate, driving for a long time, there are certain hidden dangers to our physical and mental health, so many car owners will choose The right perfume to get rid of the smell inside the car, car perfume came into being.

The car perfume at the beginning was only a tool for perfumery. Now it has developed into perfume ornaments, ornaments, decorations, etc., which are used to decorate the interior space of the car, while at the same time bearing the beautiful vision of the owner, and a high The quality of car perfume can not only help to remove the smell inside the car, but also can see the personality and taste of the owner.

For most car owners, the car is the second home, and the time spent in the car every day may be more than the time spent with relatives. Therefore, using car perfume to create a good atmosphere for the car is also the best way to improve the quality of life.

How to use and purchase perfume correctly? Through a lot of experiments, we can draw a conclusion that perfume is indeed a flammable and explosive "dangerous goods", and improper use can be dangerous. However, does this mean that the perfume cannot be placed in the car? The answer is of course not, but we need to pay special attention to some details when purchasing and using.

First, try to choose a lot of car perfume in the market where the bottle mouth is easy to volatilize. It also uses the same spray design as ordinary perfume. Because the spray port is very small, it can't discharge the gas well after heating up. Once the temperature rises, the gas cannot be eliminated. It is easy. explosion occurs. Therefore, it is recommended to select a product with a large discharge port above. Although the volatilization is faster, it requires relatively frequent replacement, but there is no explosion.

Second, choose high-grade high-quality car special grease perfume high-end car perfume is grease, high-quality brand of car grease perfume, these problems will not occur, grease perfume is specifically for the summer car high temperature, a variety of unsafe factors, and special Developed a special function that is more reliable and ensures safe driving.

Third, choose the bottle that is not easy to collect. We all know the common sense that the magnifying glass can be heated and burned. Many perfume bottles are made of crystal or glass to make a curved or cut shape, but they will be gathered in the car. Light conditions appear. In order to avoid accidents, we can choose glass matte materials, etc., which are not easy to collect, reflect or absorb materials, it will be more safe.