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The effect of car perfume
- Jul 30, 2018 -

1. Keep the air inside the car clean, remove the smell inside the car, kill the bacteria, and purify the air.

2. It is conducive to the safety of the driver. It can create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the small car interior to keep the mind clear and calm, thus reducing the incidence of traffic accidents.

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3. Adding the elegance of the car, many car accessories are quite cute now. In addition to the fragrance, it is also a good small interior decoration, which is active in the car atmosphere and improves driving pleasure. At present, the main ingredient of the car fragrance is the essence. The perfumer should have the functions of purifying air, sterilizing and making people happy according to the car fragrance. It uses natural and synthetic flavors and is blended into flavors through repeated research and test. One or several applications make up the essence, and then add different flavors to the base in a certain proportion, so that the car fragrance can emit a variety of wonderful and pleasant fragrance. The odor of the car scent, the effect of clearing the brain and calming the nerves is finally achieved through the chemical composition of an enzyme called fragrant.