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The feature of tire foam
- Sep 18, 2018 -

1. The tire foam has excellent brightening effect, showing off the black and bright effect, giving the tire a noble and elegant temperament, and showing the "car" aristocratic style;

2. Even if the long-term use of the colorless gray tires, using the tire foam spray, that is, bright and beautiful, but also the new look of the tire;

3. Tire foam can effectively prevent the aging, cracking, deformation and fading of rubber parts such as tires, without hurting the rim, bead, tire cover;

4. Tire foam has excellent anti-static function, not easy to absorb dust, long-lasting bright style;

tire foam.jpg 


1. For best results, thoroughly clean each tire with high pressure water.

2. Gently shake the tire foam.

3. Wipe the tire foam evenly on the clean and dry tire sidewall.

4. Use a tire wipe to wipe the tire foam.

5.Natural air drying.

Note: It is better to wipe out the moisture of the tire.