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The motorcycle cannot use the auto engine oil? The standards of motor engine oil higher than the car’s!
- Jun 21, 2018 -

In life, there are not many families that have cars and motorcycles at the same time around us. However, many people have the same question: “Is the engine oil of the car also used for motorcycles?”

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In the public's impression, the car is a larger project than the motorcycle, and the car engine's manufacturing process is also relatively high, so its fluid requirements should also be higher. So, when high-standard oil is used for low-demand engines, isn't it true? This is not the case.


First of all, as far as the “engines” of motorcycles and cars are concerned, there is no distinction between high and low, and their manufacturing processes require high standards. Secondly, because the space of the motorcycle is smaller, the powertrain is highly concentrated, and the structure is more complicated in a certain degree. In addition, the daily use conditions of motorcycles are even worse than those of automobiles. So, in general, the oil used for motorcycles is more “advanced”.


Let me talk about structure. In a four-stroke motorcycle, the engine, the wet clutch, and the gearbox are all mounted in the same unit, so the same lubricant is used for all three components. In contrast, in the automobile, it is obvious that the engine, the gear box and the clutch are separated, and the lubricant used in each part is designed for the mechanical structure and unique working conditions of the part. Therefore, the biggest risk of using motor oil on a motorcycle comes from the clutch of a motorcycle. It is easy to slip. When the clutch slips on the road, there is still a certain safety risk and it is dangerous.


In terms of volumetric efficiency, the motorcycle's volumetric efficiency (the output horsepower of the engine divided by the displacement) is much greater than that of the car, which means that the motor oil used by the motorcycle must withstand higher temperatures and pressures.


The difference in operating conditions is even greater.


First, the motorcycle speed should be higher

Motorcycle engine speed is significantly higher than the car, usually 60KM / H speed will reach 6,000 rpm, 8000 rpm is a normal operation, and the car is only a few high performance characteristics of the performance car to achieve this speed. The high rotational speed of a motorcycle determines that its internal parts need to withstand greater operating pressure. Therefore, the performance of motorcycle oil in terms of lubrication, shear resistance, etc. is more important, as well as the possibility of reducing high-speed operation. Foaming reaction.


Second, the engine temperature is higher

Since the compression ratio of a motorcycle engine is higher than that of a car engine, the operating temperature of the motorcycle engine will be higher. Secondly, in terms of engine heat dissipation, most motorcycles still rely on air-cooling to cool down, which means that the cooling effect will be even worse, and if there is traffic jam for a long time, there will be no even wind, let alone heat. In addition to the current car can have cooling tanks, many cars have independent oil radiators. In comparison, the operating temperature of the motorcycle engine itself is high and the heat dissipation is poor. This requires that the motor oil used by the motorcycle must have better high temperature resistance.


Third, the operating range of oil is greater


Lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, cooling, anti-wear and shock absorption are the common functions of motor oil and motorcycle oil. Only in the degree of effect, the degree of motorcycles is much greater. The engine structure of the motorcycle and the car were introduced in the above, so one of the functions of the motorcycle oil is to prevent the non-asbestos-type clutch from slipping.


Based on the above remarks, Chong Ge still suggested that everyone's oil is best used exclusively. Of course, if it is a street car, temporary emergency with car oil is still possible.