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The placement of auto fire extinguisher
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The vehicle fire extinguisher is specially used for automobile fire extinguishing, including two types: non-storage hanging type ultra-fine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing equipment for car use, and super-dry dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device for micro-vehicle storage pressure hanging type. Vehicle fire extinguishers should be placed in a place that can be quickly taken in a short time. The specific location depends on the structure of the car body. Generally, there are the following places.

1. The driver is above the right armrest box;

2. The left side of the driver's seat;

3. Inside the car door storage.

fire stop

The correct position of the car fire extinguisher should be placed under the seat: usually the fire extinguishers prepared in the car are dry powder fire extinguishers, which are usually placed in the trunk of the car, but in such a case, when needed, it will be too late to take. Therefore, the underside of the seat is the correct placement.

Car fire extinguishers are best changed every year: Everyone may feel that this year, car fire extinguishers are not used, and it is not a waste to change every year. Everyone needs to be careful. If the powder in the dry powder fire extinguisher expires, it is possible to explode. Therefore, it needs to be replaced regularly.

Dry powder on-board fire extinguishers for more than one year cannot be placed under the seat: there may be an explosion hazard after the dry powder fire extinguisher expires. At this time, it cannot be placed under the seat.