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Three misunderstandings of use the car fire extinguisher three misunderstandings must pay attention
- Aug 02, 2018 -

There are three misunderstandings in using a fire stop

In the survey, only a few private car owners said that they had used fire extinguishers personally when they participated in fire training. The remaining 90% of car owners said that it is not clear how to use the fire extinguisher properly. The owner should avoid the following three misunderstandings when using the fire stop.


Fire extinguishers can only be used to extinguish primary fires. If you want to take effect, you must grasp the timing. This means that when the owner discovers that the car has odor and smoke, he should use a fire extinguisher to save it. Otherwise, he will see the fire and then save it, even if the volume is used again. Large fire extinguishers have also become "a glass of water." The fire is important to grasp the timing, not the size of the fire extinguisher itself.

Fire extinguisher

When using a fire extinguisher, the owner of the vehicle should not spray on the surface of the flame. Instead, the owner should aim at the root of the flame and confirm that the flame is completely extinguished before removing the fire extinguisher.

Brake cover

For some people think that opening the hood will allow the air to enter and make the fire more prosperous. Even if the hood is not opened, the air is also connected. When the hood is opened after the fire, it is very important to find the fire point at the first time.