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Tire Foam Cleaner
- Oct 14, 2018 -

Tire foam cleaner Suitable for the bright, brightening and blackening treatment of various tires such as automobile tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, engineering tires, aviation tires, bias tires, radial tires, etc.


1. The tire brightener has excellent brightening effect, showing off the black and bright effect, giving the tire a noble and elegant temperament, and showing the "car" aristocratic style;

2, even if the long-term use of the colorless gray tires, using the tire brightener spray, that is, bright and beautiful, but also the new look of the tire;

3, tire brightener can effectively prevent the aging, cracking, deformation and fading of rubber parts such as tires, without hurting the rim, bead, tire cover;

4, tire brightener has excellent anti-static function, not easy to absorb dust, long-lasting bright style;



1. For best results, thoroughly clean each tire with high pressure water.

2. Gently shake the tire brightener.

3. Wipe the tire brightener evenly on the clean and dry tire sidewall.

4. Use a tire wipe to wipe the tire brightener.

5, naturally dry. Note: It is better to wipe out the moisture of the tire.


be careful

1. It is recommended that you take a small test before using the macro tire brightener to determine the effect you are satisfied with;

2, this product can not be eaten, if accidentally into the eye, immediately rinse with water;

3. Keep away from children;

4. Ensure a sufficient thickness of water wax film to ensure excellent black light effect.

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