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Vehicle perfume supplement solution
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Usually for vehicle perfume, such as perfume is used up, but still want the packaging, this time you can use the replenishment liquid to fill.

The selection of perfume replenishment liquid is the first thing to pay attention to is to match the perfume that you choose, and then the problem of perfume selection is almost the same. Perfume evaporation is not the reason why perfume is not persistent. Therefore, when choosing perfume, whether it is automobile perfume or replenishing liquid, we should choose a good sales volume and quality guarantee. Products.


[car perfume seat plus replenishment fluid method / step]

1. Turn the lid off the top of the perfume bottle.

2, pour the perfume supplement slowly into the bottle.

3, tighten the bottle cap.

4. Stick the 3M glue on the bottom of the bottle and stick it to the instrument board. (3m glue is double-sided adhesive).



1. When you unscrew the bottle cap, pay attention to the direction and gently turn it off to avoid damaging the perfume seat.

2, pour into the perfume replenishment liquid to slowly pour into the bottle mouth to the bottle mouth, pay attention to finish cleaning the hand, avoid perfume inadvertently into the eye.