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What are the advantages and disadvantages of car waxing
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Many of the new car riders are very car-loving of their new cars. We are often asked about the question: "Does new cars need to be sealed?" and "Need to be coated?". However, what are the differences between waxing, sealing, and coating of automotive paints? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Therefore, we organize and tell everyone about the “oldest” type of car paints, waxing, and sealing. What is the difference between the coating and what are the advantages and disadvantages?


What is the role of car waxing?

Car waxing is a traditional item of car beauty. The role of waxing is: waterproof, anti-acid rain, anti-high temperature and ultraviolet ray. At the same time, the film formed by waxing can reflect part of the light and effectively prevent the car paint from aging; in addition, the car wax is also It can prevent static electricity, less static electricity cars will also have less dust absorption, and car waxes can also play a role in polishing, making the car look newer and better.


What is the role of car sealing?

Sealing glaze is the use of soft wool or sponge through high-speed vibration and polishing machine shake and friction, the use of glaze unique permeability and adhesion to the glaze molecules strong penetration into the car surface, the paint gap. After the glazed body paint can reach or even exceed the original paint effect, so that the old car is updated, the new car is brighter, and at the same time have high temperature, sealing, anti-oxidation, increase light, washable, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, in general, is Can play anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-impact and other effects.


What is the role of automotive coating?

The paint coating technology is the latest generation of paint protection technology in the world. The real car coating should be inorganic coating, that is, crystal glass coating that will never be oxidized. Only the inorganic coating is the coating that covers the surface of the car. It will not be oxidized by external factors such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain. The coating layer has a certain hardness, which can reduce the traces of some small scratches.


What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Sealing glaze and coating are required to polish the entire vehicle, which is a certain degree of damage to the surface of the paint, thinning the thickness of the paint, it is worth mentioning that the normal paint can only be polished about 6-10 times, And even if it is a qualified beauty product, there will still be more or less corrosive, which will accelerate the aging of the paint and damage the surface of the paint. In addition, the sealing glaze and coating generally need to go to the outside of the auto repair shop, repair shop To do it, the prices are more expensive. Waxing, as the most traditional, simplest, and most convenient way of car painting and maintenance, does not damage the risk of paint. The only drawback is that it cannot last long, but you can wax your car at any time, even if it is It wouldn't be too expensive to wax outside. Therefore, we strongly recommend waxing, so that the protection of your car will be better.

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