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What is the Dashboard wax Spray
- Sep 02, 2018 -

The dashboard wax spray can quickly restore the natural luster and texture of the leather seat of the car, and maintain the refreshing and soft texture of the leather; the surface of the instrument panel and the tire is bright and beautiful. Excellent effects such as dust and rust. At the same time, the good lubricity of the surface wax prevents the surface of the object from being roughened, and the surface of the object is highly lustrous.

The dashboard wax spray 450ml Instrument, leather, tire protector Decontamination, glazing, once completed. It is rich in strong decontamination factor, it has rapid penetration and strong detergency. It has super deep cleaning performance and is safe and convenient to use. Applicable to the inner and outer surfaces of automobiles, motorcycles and ships, it can effectively clean the stains on instrument panels, tires, bumpers, inner walls, ceilings and artificial leather, velvet, fiber, carpet and other items. It can also be used for the cleaning of household electrical enclosures, glass, bathrooms, furniture, tiles, metal, etc.

Car dashboards, leather goods, tires, bumpers, etc., are also suitable for all kinds of leather and wood products in the home.

The role of the dashboard wax spray: leather shoes, leather, rubber, plastic products, wood products and other appearance of glazing and cleaning, forming a beautiful surface on the surface to increase luster, and has anti-fouling, anti-aging and protective surface.

Cleaning method: The instrument control panel is the easiest to accumulate dust, and there are many dead angles. The owner can use the brush when cleaning himself. Brush the instrument panel, air conditioning air inlet, switch, button, etc. every day to prevent dust from accumulating and difficult to remove. If the instrument panel is dirty, use a special instrument panel cleaner and wipe it clean with a clean, soft cloth. After cleaning, a layer of table wax can be sprayed.

How to use:

 1. At about 20cm away from the object, press the nozzle to spray, then wipe the spray with a clean soft cloth.

2. When the leather seat and the instrument panel need to be polished, wait a moment after the object is sprayed with wax, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth to make it bright.

3. When used to beautify the tire, the sludge attached to the surface of the tire should be removed first, and then sprayed with the surface wax.

4. When using as a surface roughening or rust prevention, spray the surface wax directly.