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what is the good smell fragrance car air freshener?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1. Cologne type: most of them are light, because they are pure plant, flowers and plants or fruits, not mixed with the essence products, so not pungent

2. Lavender, rose and other perfume types: it is best not to choose in winter, because these flavor is too sweet, easy to make people sleepy, affecting the safety of driving

3. Strong herbal and herbal flavor, fresh green tea flavor and sweet apple flavor: suitable for car owners who like to smoke in the car, these fragrant perfumes can effectively remove the smell of smoke

4. Fresh and sweet flowers and cool herbal and herbal fragrance: it is suitable for some car owners who work under too much pressure and have a fast pace of life at ordinary times

5, menthol perfume: the person that drive for a long time can consider a choice, invigorate the brain, can eliminate the fatigue that drive and drowsy meaning.

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