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What kind of car perfume you will choose in summer
- Jun 04, 2018 -

What kind of car perfume you will choose in summer. Is car perfume solid or liquid?

Some car owners may put the same perfume in their cars all the year round. Will this be good? Some car owners are asking, what is the difference between solid perfume and liquid perfume? Which is good for summer? Can you tell me whether car perfume's solid or liquid is good next summer?

In fact, car perfume's choice must first follow the principle that the taste should not be too strong, especially the perfume used in summer. Perfumes that have a strong taste are more irritating after exposure to the sun, which goes against the original intention of purchasing perfumes.

Secondly, what I want to tell you is that summer is mainly about buying solid perfume. Although solid perfume is not very beautiful in shape, it is practical. Liquid perfume is usually contained in glassware, and it is easy to explode when baked by sunshine for a long time. However, solid perfume does not have this worry. Its price is still low. The price of ordinary domestic solid perfume is about $2.00(wholesale price), while that of best perfume is only$4.00(wholesale price). However, solid perfume has a defect that its fragrance is light and fast, so a piece of solid perfume can be used for about half a month to one month.

Once again, let's talk about liquid perfume, liquid perfume is thicker than solid perfume. It lasts for a long time and emits slowly. It can be used for one and a half months to two months under the condition of sun exposure in summer. It is not a problem to use it for three to five months in winter. It is recommended to use liquid perfume in winter. The price difference of liquid perfumes is relatively large, the price is less than $3.50, and the price of expensive perfumes is more than$6.50.

Liquid perfume has various shapes. It is not only a bottle of simple perfume, it has long become a conspicuous art in the car. In addition, the function of car perfume is not limited to fresh air. Most perfume bottles nowadays are multi - purpose, such as carrying a compass, thermometer or having the function of flashing incoming calls on the bottle. It is not only beautiful but also practical.

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