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What kind of car wax should I use for a new car?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Do new cars need to be waxed? What kind of wax is used? There are various misconceptions about the protection of car paints in the society. The new car itself has wax! "The new car has wax when it leaves the factory, so there is no need to wax again." Car beauty experts believe that this is the most ridiculous and wrong way to say! Yes, the new car should have wax at the factory, but this wax is called "transport protection wax" to prevent dirt erosion or sea rust during transportation. And doing a temporary protection measure. If there is such a wax on the car, the first thing after buying a car is to "open" it!?

When the new car leaves the factory, the exterior cover of the paint has a very thin protective layer, which can increase the brightness of the paint surface and isolate the air. Gravel, improper car washing, waxing can only slowly increase the cutting and grinding of the paint, making the paint surface black, old and tarnished. Go to the professional beauty shop to use the vibrating and polishing machine to press the glaze and other protective agents into the car paint, form a mesh-like protective layer inside the car paint, put on a layer of invisible coat for the car, and block the ultraviolet, sand, acid and alkali erosion. . A glaze containing a brightening agent and a repairing ingredient can also be used for the lacquer surface which has been faded. However, there is a fatal weakness in the sealing glaze that will definitely destroy the structure of the car paint. The timeliness is generally long in a year, and repeated use of the vibrating and polishing machine will make the paint surface scarred.

Ordinary car wax will add some abrasive particles. When the decoration worker waxes the car, it will be polished and polished in the circle. The essence of polishing the car paint is the process of polishing the car paint by these invisible particles. The liquid car wax is soft and volatile. It can't penetrate into the interior of the paint by manual friction. It can only enhance the brightness of the paint, and it has no repair function on the gloss of the paint.

If it's your own car, you'd better wax it! The wrong theory of "new car doesn't need to be waxed" comes from two concepts: the new car paint itself is very bright, so there is no need to wax. This kind of person has a wrong understanding of car wax, wax is only a role of glazing. The wax must first protect the car paint: rain, acid, UV, etc., and then it is added. The new car needs protection from the first day, so it needs to be waxed.

The new car paint with clear lacquer, it has been protective. For the color lacquer layer, the transparent lacquer is playing a protective role, and the original intention of the car manufacturer is also the same, but the transparent lacquer itself is also lacquer, who will protect the transparent lacquer? - they rely on car wax!

New cars must use new car wax, which is wax without polishing abrasives. Otherwise, the new car paint will be scratched. It's no wonder that many drivers mistakenly believe that the vortex is normal - it used the wrong wax from the factory!

Hard wax: the best finish, the longest durability, no cleaning effect, so the car must be completely cleaned before construction, suitable for new car wax. Construction is complicated and the price is high.