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Why are car perfumes not the frangrance?
- Nov 11, 2018 -

In the car decorations, talking about car perfume should be no one knows no one, and the friends who usually buy a new car will soon buy car perfume, and it is a very beautiful crystal bottle. It can be counterproductive, good-looking is a good look, even a little scent can not smell, ineffective. Where is the problem? If you go to the market to find out, there are still a lot of such problems.

People smell the perfume often after opening the bottle cap and taking the perfume bottle to the nose to smell the fragrance. Because people use perfume as alcohol, they are mostly sprayed into a mist. These fragrant mists will spread evenly on your clothes and skin, because the volatility of alcohol makes it easy to send fragrance to people's noses.

For car perfumes, you can't just scent on the nose, but keep your nose away from the perfume bottle. Why? Because the perfume in the car is placed on the dashboard (referring to the perfume seat), or inserted in the air conditioning vent (referring to the perfume), or suspended behind the mirror (referring to the bottle perfume). Car drivers and passengers are far from the perfume, and it is impossible for people to stretch their noses to the mouth of the perfume bottle. This puts special requirements on the car perfume. The perfume must have this special function, and the fragrance penetrates the air through a distance (more than one meter) and is sent to the nose of the audience! If you can't smell the perfume when you are far away, then the car perfume you use will be ineffective.

In fact, many car perfumes on the market today, many of them in the seats and even the front seats can not smell the perfume! In addition to a considerable number of poor quality, there are many that are weak in translucency, so that you can not smell. Therefore, users of car perfume users, you have to pay special attention to this problem, do not choose the wrong perfume!