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Winter car perfume notes
- Dec 23, 2018 -

More and more private cars have made the automotive supplies market develop rapidly, and the car perfumes in the supply market have become the object of choice for the majority of car owners. However, if used improperly, "perfume" will also give us trouble.

Car perfumes are generally refined and screened by perfumers on natural synthetic perfumes. The flavors are blended according to a certain proportion. The aroma is lasting, and some are flavors extracted from natural fragrances. However, some of the inferior perfumes produced by unscrupulous manufacturers are mostly blended with chemical flavors and industrial alcohol. These chemical fragrances contain aromatic benzene ring compounds, which are accompanied by alcohol volatilization, which cause irritation to human organs, especially the respiratory system, causing symptoms such as cough, dizziness and vomiting in the car, which is harmful to health and affects driving safety. If used for a long time, it may cause sluggishness, decreased vision, and even become a cause of cancer.

Selection of car perfume

1, perfume categories Car perfume is roughly divided into three types: solid, liquid, aerosol. Although the solid perfume is somewhat old-fashioned, it is practical. Liquid perfumes look beautiful in appearance and are usually placed in glassware, but they are easily broken by exposure to sunlight for a long time. Solid perfumes don't have this worry. However, solid perfumes also have defects, that is, their aroma is light and fast, and usually a solid balm is used for half a month to a month. Liquid perfumes have a stronger aroma than solid bales, lasting longer and emitting less slowly. In the case of large sunlight, the use time is one and a half months to two months, and the use time in winter is about three to five months. It is recommended to use liquid perfume in winter.

2, the quality of perfume Selection of car perfume first of all from the appearance of car perfume, the appearance of regular perfume is exquisite, while the appearance of inferior perfume is relatively rough, the quality of the perfume bottle mouth is smooth, while the inferior quality is more embarrassing. Secondly, from the perspective of the outer packaging of the car perfume, there is often no Chinese description, company name, company address and contact information, methods of use, precautions, etc. on the outer packaging of the fake perfume. Most of the emergency treatments are not described in Chinese. Japanese/Korean.

 Once again, from the taste of car perfume, the fragrance is also one of the criteria for distinguishing between authenticity. Usually, the inferior compound product has a fast volatilization and a pungent scent, while a pure and high-quality perfume can bring a fresh and pleasant feeling. . In addition, inferior perfumes are prone to liquid leakage after exposure to sunlight, and the color gradually turns white, but pure perfume does not. Finally, it should not be overlooked that regular products have formal product descriptions, production license numbers, and signs of quality supervision department certification on the packaging.