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Can Ordinary Perfume Be Used On The Car
- Aug 10, 2018 -

1. Human body perfume is not recommended for use in cars. Car fragrances are generally refined and screened by perfumers on natural synthetic fragrances. The flavors are blended according to a certain proportion. The fragrance is long-lasting, some are extracted from natural fragrances. It also has the effect of sterilization and odor removal.

2. The car fragrance is to eliminate the odor, some to make the brain awake, and some to maintain a happy mood. If you want to remind drivers to maintain a balanced attitude while driving, choose a calming fragrance, such as a cool herbal scent, a pleasant cologne scent, a mint scent, a fruity scent, and a sweet floral scent. These tastes can make people feel refreshed.

3. Like the perfume used in the body every day, car perfume can also be divided into men and women. Lady is more suitable for lemon and apple fragrances; men are more suitable for natural, cologne and amber, which are more acceptable when driving.

4. Choose different perfumes in different seasons. For those who like to travel by car, before long-distance travel, especially in the spring when it is easy to doze, try to avoid choosing some sweet, easy-to-sleepy fragrances. The taste of the fragrance in the summer car should not be too strong. Because the perfume evaporates quickly, the hot day can choose a light odor to avoid irritation. In winter, consider choosing a refreshing scent.

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