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- Nov 02, 2018 -

Start the engine to normal temperature and then shut down.
Unscrew the bottle cap of the cleaner, add the cleaning agent of the air intake system into the liquid storage bottle, and tighten the bottle cap.
Disassemble the air inlet pipe from the position closest to the throttle valve, connect the spray head to the liquid outlet pipe joint, and insert the spray head into the air inlet pipe aiming at the throttle valve;
Connect the air source connector to the air inlet connector and adjust the pressure knob to the working pressure ( 2 kg / c ㎡ );
Put the attached rag on the lower part of the throttle intake pipe to collect waste liquid, start the engine, and control the rotation speed between 1500 and 2500 revolutions. Open the washer inlet pipe valve and start cleaning carbon deposits in the engine air intake system until all the cleaning agents are sprayed out ( take 20 - 30 minutes ), and close the washer inlet pipe valve and shut down.Take out the spray head and reconnect it to the car's intake pipe