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Car Fragrance Development Style
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The design of the car perfume seat is more fashionable and even a collectible art. The car perfume makes the car full of fragrance, and it takes some thoughts to pair it with a beautiful and delicate perfume seat. The youthful bright pink, rose, calm and elegant brown, dark green, transparent or semi-transparent crystal perfume bottle, create a sly elegance, placed on the instrument panel, a refreshing fragrance and pleasing shape. It will make you feel good.


The high-quality car perfume has a long-lasting fragrance and can kill bacteria, and the workmanship is also beautiful. Inferior car perfumes pose a threat to the health of the people inside the car and are an invisible killer. Consumers are advised to choose a perfume with a regular product description, a production license number, and a related department certification. Don't just choose cheap and cheap products for the sake of cheapness. Also pay attention to the raw materials of perfume, it is best to choose products that use natural raw materials, chemical synthetic products will be detrimental to human health.


Common car perfumes are mainly aerosol, liquid and solid. They have a variety of flavors such as lemon, apple, jasmine, mint and pine. It is recommended that car owners choose car perfumes according to their gender, preferences, personality and the purpose of using car perfume. For example, men are suitable for cologne and amber, while women are suitable for fruity and floral notes such as lemon and jasmine.


The flavor of the summer car should not be too strong, so choose a lighter smell. Long-term drivers can consider choosing a refreshing scent, and the mint-flavored scent can eliminate fatigue and drowsiness during driving.


There are many kinds of car perfume bottles that can be seen on the market. Cartoon and car simulation products are very popular among riders. However, in the selection, do not blindly pursue the personalization of the appearance. It should be noted that the shape of the car perfume should be consistent with the overall style of the interior decoration, otherwise it will be too abrupt. The appearance of the perfume should be suitable for the design of the vehicle itself. The shape of the perfume bottle is best matched with the vehicle instrument panel.


In addition, when choosing a car fragrance, safety factors must be considered. In addition to the quality of the molding and the melting quality of the crystal material affecting the quality of the car perfume seat, the main factors affecting the appearance of the crystal perfume bottle are the material of the car perfume bottle mold, and the surface of the mold. Fineness of finish, die slits and pattern engraving.