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Car Perfume Removes Odors In The Rainy Season
- Jun 26, 2018 -

When the rainy season arrives, the air in the car is often filthy. Many riders would like to use car perfume to remove the strange smell in the car. It should be noted that in the summer rain season, use acidic perfumes with caution.

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Causes of air pollution in the car are many reasons, one is the odor produced by the mold inside the car, followed by the fruits and desserts rotting in the corner of the carriage. Then there are the shoes, clothes and so on that are left unused by the owner in the boot, which can give off an unpleasant odor. In addition, many owners like to place food in the car. In the summer, if the car is parked under the sun, the temperature inside the cabin will reach 60 degrees Celsius or so. If food and fruit are not taken away in time, it will degenerate and give off an odor. When the air conditioner is turned on, these odors will circulate and spread along with the airflow in the cabin.

Therefore, in the rainy season, we must always keep the interior clean and ventilated. Second, some perfumes can be used appropriately, but it should be noted that not all perfumes are suitable for use in cars. In the summer, acidic car perfumes should be used with caution. Now common car perfumes are mainly aerosol, liquid and solid type three, lemon, apple, jasmine, mint, pine and other car fragrances. During the hot days, the smell of the aroma in the car should not be too intense, because it would only mix with the musty smell to make it more unpleasant. Especially lemon-flavored perfumes, most of which are acidic, are emitted and condensed in air-conditioning evaporators. Once moldy deteriorates, they are more likely to produce odors. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a neutral, lighter fragrance for the summer. People who drive for a long time can choose to refresh their scent. Mint-flavored car air freshener can eliminate the difficulties caused by summer driving.