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Car Perfume Selection And Use In Summer
- Jul 12, 2018 -

It is best to use car air freshener in seasons. If it is not for the owner to like strong perfumes, it is best to choose some lighter fragrances in summer. Because of the strong perfume, the sun's exposure, the taste is more irritating, and the original intention of buying perfume is the opposite of the summer to buy car perfume gel, but the car perfume gel is fast, a solid perfume can also use half Month to a month or so. Liquid car perfumes are thicker than solid car perfumes, lasting for a long time and radiating slowly. And the liquid perfume has a variety of shapes, it is not just a simple bottle of perfume, it has long been an eye-catching artwork in the car.


The choice of car air freshener must not be cheap, car perfume is rare and inexpensive, and generally cheaper will not be good.