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Car Perfume Will Not Explode?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Car perfume that is normally produced is unlikely to ignite, if it is of poor quality can not guarantee, the poor one may add alcohol,and the perfume bottle tops have a similar design lens,concentrating the effect it produces enough to ignite perfume,there is a situation that is "pressure cooker explosion",we often come across similar situations, because internally generated gas, and the gas can not be released resulting gases produced by the container forces too large rupture explosion, regularly car perfume manufacturers in the design of liquid at all times open odoriferous,do not worry about this.


The explosion of car perfume is not only related to its composition, but also has a relationship with the quality of perfume bottles.Good car perfume perfume bottle will go through the relevant test, the bottle will not defective, so that we can ensure that even if the gas bottle appear, nor will the bottle bursting, and some explosion perfume mostly because of the bottle defective lead.


In the meantime, regularly check your car perfume volatile hole,The blockage of volatile orifice is an important reason for perfume explosion. Bottle of gas produced, due to the volatile hole blocked, do not shoot out of gas, resulting in increased pressure bottle exploded.