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Car Wax - The Maintenance Of Traditional Car Paint
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The car wax is mainly composed of natural car wax or synthetic car wax, and it has an effect of increasing the brightness by penetrating into the gap of the paint surface to make the surface flat. Car paint is the coat of the car. Long days of sun and rain will make this coat lose its original color and become dull. Car wax is a traditional car paint finish.

Car wax can be divided into paste wax, liquid car wax, soft wax and hard wax according to the way of use, composition and state, except for the water wax which is thick liquid, the other three It is solid. Let's take a quick look.

1. Car paste wax. The grinding effect is the strongest, but the grinding particles are thicker. It is usually used to remove severe scratches, oxidation and water stains on the surface of the paint. After using the car paste wax, it must be treated with other grinding wax to make the paint surface smooth and smooth. The car paste wax is classified into four types of coarse particles, fine particles, very fine particles, and car paste wax liquid according to the size and use effect of the abrasive particles.

2. liquid car wax is the milk wax that the beauty industry calls, most of the liquid car wax contains a fine abrasive, decontamination of water stains, dirt adhering to the paint surface. The liquid component is easy to use but has poor weather ability. Usually, the owner can also wax himself. Soft wax The abrasive composition is finer than liquid car wax. In addition to the cleaning function, it also has a polishing effect, which can eliminate the fine lines on the surface of the paint. The weather resistance of soft wax is also higher than that of liquid car wax.