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China's Car Perfume Market Is Developing Rapidly
- Aug 21, 2018 -

China has already become the world's largest car-owned country, which not only drives the development of China's automobile industry, but also makes the automotive aftermarket more beneficial to this opportunity and vigorously develop. Although China's automobile perfume industry was officially started in 2005, it has become more prosperous in the face of such opportunities. However, there have been some unfavorable news on the market recently.

Originally, the owners bought a bottle of car perfume and placed it in the car to make the air inside the car more fresh. However, if you encounter the "three no" products (no manufacturer, production site, no production hygiene license code), then the trouble is big, not only will pollute the car environment, corrode the car accessories, but also affect the ride The health and safety of the car personnel. Many car owners will give a bottle of car perfume when they buy a car, but after the car owner uses it, the problems are endless. 

Many car owners buy car perfumes on the market. After use, they will also experience fatigue, headaches and nausea. This means that consumers have used inferior car perfumes. Why are there so many inferior car perfumes on the market? Due to the late start of China's automobile perfume industry, its production technology is difficult to integrate with the international high-tech. Some manufacturers use the car perfume to cut corners and copy famous brands. This is its own reason. In addition, the country's "Product Quality Law" is not perfect for the automobile perfume industry's laws and regulations, and the punishment is not heavy, it is difficult to receive obvious results. This has caused some unscrupulous manufacturers to take advantage of the money and illegally collect money. Here, I suggest that when you buy a car perfume, try to buy a high-quality car perfume. For the sake of your own and your family's physical and mental safety, even if you buy a foreign product, it makes sense. Although you really want to support the domestic car perfume, it is too domestic. 

The people of the country were sad and had to use foreign goods. It is also hoped that some manufacturers will produce automobile perfumes in accordance with national quality standards. The state must also strengthen management in this area and formulate strict laws and regulations, so that China's automobile perfume industry can take it to the next level. At present, this road is really a long way to go. .