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Classification Of Automobile Perfume
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Liquid car perfume

Liquid car perfume is generally for the synthesis of natural spices by flavourists after repeated extraction and filtering, will all kinds of flavor according to certain proportion of blending liquid, fragrance lasting, have a plenty of extracted from natural fragrant spices, but also has the role of sterilization in addition to the peculiar smell.

Solid car perfume

Solid car perfume mix essence and some material mainly, and compression molding, thus fundamentally solved the problem of the liquid perfume is easy and leakage, make the majority of owners in the also don't have to worry about because of car perfume and leak and bring car cleaning problem. At the same time solid car perfume and liquid car hang act the role of perfume to have bactericidal eliminate peculiar smell same function, generally speaking this kind of perfume can use two months left and right sides.