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Classification Of Car Perfume
- May 14, 2018 -

The car perfume is generally made by the perfumer after natural extraction of synthetic spices through repeated extraction and screening, and the various flavors are blended according to a certain proportion. The fragrance lasts long. Some of them are spices extracted from natural aromas, and they also have bactericidal odor. The role.

In 2013, automotive fragrances commonly used in the market were classified into three types: aerosol, liquid and solid according to their own composition. Aerosol type car fragrances mainly consist of essences and containers, which can cover some special odors in the car. Such as baggage odor, tobacco taste, fishy smell and small animal odor. However, the speed of evaporation is extremely fast, and it is often placed in containers with artistic shapes. It can be used for two to three months. Solid vehicle fragrances are mainly blended with some materials, and then pressed to form. Generally, they can be used for about two months. In addition, there are also fragrances made from a variety of media, such as scented fabrics. Artistic crayons made from scented ceramics can also be used as vehicle fragrances.

In accordance with the type of use is also divided into pendant perfume, perfume seat, tuyote and other perfumes.

In car perfumes, alcohol has side effects on drivers. TSI's 2013 new formula uses flavor as raw material, and the filling material is mainly dipropylene glycol and dipropylene glycol ether with slow release aroma.