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Correct Method Of Perfume Sticks
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Perfume sticks are mainly used for the volatilization of car air freshener and daily fresh products. Please pay attention to the following points when using them:

1)The diameter of the car perfume stick must be the same as the diameter of the inner plastic plug of the glass bottle mouth, ensure that the perfume stick is inserted into the plastic plug after it is inserted to prevent the perfume from flowing out from the gap when the bottle is turned over.


2)There must be a vent hole for the perfume stick inserted into the plastic plug side, because the air will prevent the water from overflowing when the perfume stick is inserted. The most important is that sometimes the car perfume seat is placed on the dashboard to prevent liquid when it is heated and swelled. Flowing to the instrument panel, the other perfume stick is also convenient for the water to be sucked back, and it will not flow out of the bottle.


3)The length of the perfume is also more exquisite, if the perfume stick is not exposed after opening the sealant cover too short, it will affect the volatilization time. If the seal cover is pressed too long, the perfume stick will be dispersed. The correct length of the perfume stick is a suitable length from the bottom of the bottle to the inside of the sealant cap outside the bottle mouth, and the standard perfume stick counts one centimeter from the plastic plug.