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Different Choices Of Car Perfume
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Flavor selection

When choosing perfume in car, it is sweet model choice above all. Survey show that people are easy to accept the lemon flavour when driving, apple and violet perfume, those sweet greasy greasy scent can make the person produces drowsiness while driving feeling, it is best not to choose. In addition, the perfume inside the car had better not be too strong, the driver of long time can consider to choose and buy the fragrance that invigorates the brain.

The choice of perfume type

Car perfume can be divided into solid perfume and liquid perfume. Both perfumes have their advantages and disadvantages. Solid perfumes may be old-fashioned, but they are practical. Liquid perfumes have a beautiful appearance and are usually placed in glassware, but can explode easily after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Solid fragrances don't have this concern. But solid perfume also has defect, that is its aroma is light, send out quickly, the use time of a solid balm commonly is half a month or so. Liquid perfume is opposite to solid balm, fragrance is thicker, duration is long, send out slower. In the case of large sunlight, the use time is one and a half months to two months, and the use time in winter is about three to five months, it is recommended to use liquid perfume in winter.

Car perfume true and false discrimination

In car perfume on the market, domestic and imported products than there are quite a distance, both also exists a big difference in price, buy a good imported sweet generally also wants eighty yuan, they are easy to buy a domestic production of the product as long as 10 yuan. Even if it is imported, the price is three or four hundred yuan, and there are dozens of yuan. Accordingly, a few illegal business is produced inferior perfume unceasingly, cheat consumer, affect consumer health.

High-quality perfume not only makes beautiful, fragrance is durable, still can kill bacterium, clear peculiar smell. Some high end chemicals are more expensive than natural ones. Good car perfume mainly to fruit fragrance in the majority, floral second, medicinal fragrance again. Inferior products in use will can't smell smell after a very short time, cannot be compared with the high quality product, and the smell of some perfume, has the branch of human organs, especially the respiratory system caused by different levels of stimulation. If what buy is inferior perfume, the likelihood causes the secondary pollution inside car, suggest consumer USES the product with higher purity as far as possible safety. Expert clew, usually inferior perfume volatilization combined products faster, pungent aroma, under the irradiation of the sunlight, after a period of time will gradually become white color, consumers can do simple judgment accordingly.

The simplest option

Because everybody's hobby is different, the choice of perfume also is because of the person only. Car owner can choose the perfume that suits his car according to his character characteristic, be fond of and gender. For example, men are more suitable for cologne, and women are more suitable for fruity car perfume.