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Fresh Air Freshener Principle
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Many people think that the air fresheners are volatile substances thought to cover up the smell, eliminate odor brings a sense of discomfort, isn’t it add air pollutants in it again?Now Let’s survey about it. Which kind of air freshener will be better?

Air fresheners have divided into solid, liquid, gas three, generally use in the toilet, small environment or human access which stay not so long place. This air freshener formulations are ethanol and flavor volatiles, it can be effect odor the air, also it won’t cause great harm to human body.

The second is that air fresheners do subtraction principle, the main ingredient is the function of activated carbon adsorption, charcoal and others, this kind of air freshener mainly in the refrigerator or a new house decoration in addition to taste with activated carbon is characterized by renovation and additions can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, toluene, TVOC furniture and household appliances, etc. .

In addition, the second type of air fresheners can remove the smell, like the tobacco and alcohol in the living room, the bathroom pungent ammonia gas, such as air fresheners Addict fragrance, but also with environmental and gentle and healthy