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Full Of Aroma, Car Perfume Purchase Guide In Winter
- Jul 17, 2018 -

In winter, the weather turns cold and the wind and sand are big. Most car owners will close the windows of the car. At this time, if you put a bottle of perfume in the car, it will make the car full of aroma. High-quality car perfumes can maintain a long-lasting aroma, but also sterilize, but also as an ornament, can be described as a three-pronged. But if you choose improperly, it will be counterproductive and will affect your health, so choose carefully.

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Recommended liquid car air freshener in winter

At present, car air freshener is roughly classified into three types: solid type, liquid type, and aerosol type. Although the car perfume gel is somewhat old-fashioned, it is practical. The liquid perfume looks beautiful and is usually placed in a glass bottle, but it is easy to burst after exposure to the sun for a long time. Car perfumes don't have this worry. However, perfume gel also have defects, that is, their aroma is light and fast, and usually a solid balm is used for half a month to a month. Liquid perfumes have a stronger aroma than solid bales, lasting longer and emitting less slowly. In the case of large sunlight, the use time is one and a half months to two months, and the use time in winter is about three to five months. It is recommended to use liquid perfume in winter.

Taste selection is particular

In the winter, you can choose perfume according to your own situation. If you have the habit of smoking in the car, it is best to choose a perfume with strong herbal and fresh green tea, because they can soothe the smell of smoke inside the car. If the owner's usual pressure is relatively large, you can choose some sweet floral fragrance or cool herbal scent perfume, have some calming effect, can relieve stress as much as possible. In addition, in the winter, the owner should try not to choose lavender fragrance, because its taste is too sweet, it is easy to cause sleepiness.