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How Do We Determine How Much A Bottle Of Perfume In The Car?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

To determine the alcohol content of a bottle of perfume when the vehicle purchase, the easiest way is to try to smell, can smell the strong odor of alcohol, then the alcohol This car perfumes contained more or poor. If that contain alcohol content of products, from the point of view unlikely to cause an explosion, the alcohol content, the better. Of course, not all perfumes, balms all contain alcohol, high-quality brand balms and oils are non-alcoholic ingredients.

 Before the negative reports about car perfume flammable, almost all unknown caused by the poor quality perfume cups, more or less alcohol and perfume ingredients related. Car perfume formal guidance ambient temperature <50 , the summer heat is one of the incentives perfume explosion, but not enough to cause an explosion of individual conditions, even under extreme conditions of high temperature needed to combine multiple explosions appear. If the owners are really worried about the liquid car perfume security risks, so choose a solid balm and scented is safer.