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How To Add Diesel Fuel Treatment
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. After the car is used for 40,000 kilometers, it will be added with the oil every 20,000 kilometers of maintenance, and the engine repairing agent will be added directly to the engine oil, and will be released with the maintenance. Use once for 20,000 kilometers.

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2. For long-term use of the engine, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall will become larger and larger, resulting in poor cylinder sealing performance, compression pressure and burst pressure drop, gas gas entering the crankcase, making the oil thinner and accelerating oxidative deterioration. The oil enters the combustion chamber, causing oil to burn and blue smoke, causing a series of serious consequences, such as engine overheating, increased fuel and oil consumption, reduced output momentum, and difficulty in cold start. At the same time, due to the deterioration of lubrication conditions, the friction of the friction pairs of the engine is intensified, the wear amount is rapidly increased, the clearance is further increased, the clearance is further increased, the coordination relationship is abnormal, the engine noise is increased, and the work stability is deteriorated. Will cause the engine to overhaul. Diesel fuel treatments are automotive maintenance products that address these issues. Today, the concept of “caring for maintenance” has become a trend, and the use of diesel fuel treatments has also become a trend.